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It all started with a puppy about 25 years ago. Ruth Smith found herself hooked to the Bulldog. She started showing and breeding, creating Shearing Bulldogs while she and her husband raised their family of two sons and a daughter. She has since passed away, but we're here carrying on her legacy as Creekside Bulldogs. While we had to start over, the philosphy is the same: raise AKC breed standard Bulldogs in a loving family environment.

So here we are the Smith Family: Matt, Katy, Quentin (5) and Clayton (3). We live in the foothill's of the Adirondacks. Our puppies are raised in the dining room and with our children. We believe in improving on the AKC standard while raising puppies for both show and as pets. You can find us at dog shows around the Northeast US.


Do we have show dogs? Yes we do, but to us they are our beloved pets who happen to be show dogs too. The can be seen running in the woods and digging in the dirt. They can be seen at Westminster, in the newspaper, at our local schools as part of the AKC Canine Ambassador Program, or outside the local Stewart's Shop raising money for children's charities and organizations in Saratoga County. We can also been seen around the Capital District at the VA hospital, parades, Toys for Tots, etc as we are the home of the Marine Core Legue #641 Spa Detachment's mascot Sgt. Chunk!

We are members of the Saratoga NY Kennel Club. Katy is a past Board Member, the membership chair, and the trophy chair for both our clubs shows. If you contact us in early August and we don't get right back, don't worry! The Adirondack Circuit a 5 days long and we are very busy at the show during that time! We are also members of the AKC and the Bulldog Club of America. We are recommended breeders for the Bulldog Club of America.

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